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Sukhjinder Sandhu ( Sunny )

Commercial Director

This Indian born entrepreneur earned his Bachelors in Science degree In 1981, he then graduated from Hospitality School in 1984 and discovered his passion for the restaurant business when he became the manager of the family owned restaurant called Maurya Restaurant & Bar in India. He cemented his dedication for the restaurant business when he established a chain of restaurants across the country. Over the next 23 years owned and operated over 11 different Pubs and Restaurants in Toronto. In 2011 he moved on to consulting for other restaurateurs and joined the Foodlicious Group Family. Sunny brings over 35 years of passion and experiences and business intelligence to the brand. Some weapons in his tool chest include, analysis of restaurant locations and themes. Interviewing and training initial staff members to assisting streamlining restaurant efficiencies. Planning the programing of ‘Point of Sales’ system to incorporate both restaurant and retail functions, allowing the business to capitalize on both markets. Creation of restaurant menu selections and price points, analyzing costs and revenues to cover projected expenses. Forecasted revenues and expenses for first 12 months of operations, identifying required capital reserves and time until breakeven. Established initial inventory for both menu and beverage items through multiple distributors and purveyors.


Commercial Director

Sachin has a Bachelors in Hospitality and comes with over 20 Years of experience in the industry.

In India he worked as Director F&B with Hyatt , Imperial Hotel as well as Taj Group of Hotels.

He immigrated to Canada in the year 2010 and has worked at Delta Chelsea and later owned a few restaurants and now is a Director with Foodlicious managing number of restaurants, Banquets and overseeing F &B operations with the Group.

Restaurant Observation Evaluation Process

We Explore Identify Needs

We will meet with you to discuss your greatest challenges and your most immediate needs. We understand that each business has its own needs and to be approached as a unique entity. We want to know what your needs and visions are and understand them fully so that we can move forward efficiently with a decisive game plan.

We Evaluate Analyze and Strategize Solutions

After determining your “Greatest Challenges and Needs” and identifying your “Opportunities for Greatness” we will design a plan catered to your businesses unique needs and outline a strategy prioritizing the necessary steps that enables us to achieve your goals decisively and efficiently.

We Execute Implement Solutions

This is the stage where we move from design and development to feet on the ground. Here is where we take all the deliverables and make them reality. This is where your vision starts to take shape and your challenges become “Opportunities for Success”.


Address: Foodlicious Group
Unit 10, 1332 Khalsa Drive

Phone: 416 907 8981
Cell: 647 961 5262

Email: info@foodlicious.ca

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